Jack Plato

Game Designer

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Hi! My name's John, but most people call me Jack. I have a burning passion for video games, and for years it has been my goal to bring my own ideas to life. And now I've finally graduated from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment as an official Game Designer!

I'm a quick learner, I've got a knack for computer software, and a liking towards nerdy things. If you need a hardworking, creative mind, I'm your guy.


Game Design Projects

Lost Circus

Final project at AIE

I was the level designer for Lost Circus, an adventure horror game where you need to escape a mysterious and daunting circus with the help of wandering toys.

Game Page


I made a solo project based on the classic game Asteroids.



I worked as the main level designer for an 8-week team student project.


Bone Zone

I was the lead programmer for a month-long student project.

Contact Me

(404) 747–7899


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Message sent! Neato!

The ideas to make it great, the skills to make it happen